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We are pleased to announce the release of the 2012 Blackbird Vineyards Tenth Anniversary Principal Red Wines - Illustration, Paramour, and Contrarian.  Your access to these wines is available below, as well as current releases of Arriviste Rosé and Arise Proprietary Red Wine.  For personal assistance or to request additional information, please contact Private Client Leader Jonathan Henson at 707.287.9799 or jh@blackbirdvineyards.com

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(4) 750 ml each of Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian
Branded Wood Box Complimentary with Bundle Orders (Limited Availability).


(2) 750 ml each of Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian
Branded Wood Box Complimentary with Bundle Orders (Limited Availability).

(1) 750 ml each of Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian
Branded Wood Box Complimentary with Bundle Orders (Limited Availability).

Illustration represents the core – the heart – of Blackbird Vineyards. Every element of Blackbird’s multi-faceted wine portfolio draws inspiration from this singular, Pomerol-inspired Merlot. It is an undiluted illustration of the passion, time and concentration invested in creating elegant, multi-layered wines. Illustration challenges the notion that Cabernet Sauvignon is the only age-worthy red wine crafted in Napa Valley.
$125.00  / Bottle
$1,500.00  / Case

Blackbird Vineyards’ Paramour possesses both sensuality and commanding structure. Merlot and Cabernet Franc have a fragile but irresistible chemistry that flourishes when climate, soils, and seasons align. The grapes allotted for this graceful red wine are grown in only the most auspicious conditions. Paramour reveals the passionate relationship between these two varietals, as well as that between the winegrower and the land.
$125.00  / Bottle
$1,500.00  / Case

Blackbird Vineyards’ Contrarian is crafted by passion and instinct. This textured blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon possesses both an aromatic richness and subtle tannin profile. It exudes the Pomerol-inspired elegance Blackbird Vineyards’ wines are known for, while displaying the regal posture that comes from superior Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. A wine to indulge in now and for decades to come, Contrarian’s uniquely supple structure flouts convention.
$125.00  / Bottle
$1,500.00  / Case

(1) 750ml each of Illustration, Paramour, Contrarian, Arise, Arriviste
5 Bottle Portfolio

Arise is the most aspiring wine in the Blackbird Vineyards repertoire. Every vintage is hand-tuned to express the luscious flavor profiles and lithe structure that only comes from exceptional fruit.

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$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case
Inspired by “les gitanes,” the gypsies of St. Emilion, Blackbird Vineyards’ Arriviste captures the high-spirited nature of winemaking. This vibrant, puckish rosé conjures images of summer twilights and harvest moons. While it hints at the flavors of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that frame it, Arriviste is not a wine to demystify. It is simply a wine to enjoy.
$25.00  / Bottle
$300.00  / Case

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